Our Products

Custom molded products with in-house tooling. At Pierson
Industries, our team of engineers and technicians have the
skill and experience to guide your project from start to
finish. With our engineering and design expertise, we give
you the right parts for the right price. We manufacture parts
in all different types of resins, from engineering plastics
(Polycarbonates, Nylons, etc.) to "Class-A" decorative parts
for the cosmetic, electronic, and display industries. Secondary
operation, such as sonic and vibration welding, hot stamping,
and pad printing are used extensively.

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Custom P.O.P Displays Stock and Custom Compacts
Industrial and Commercial Decoratve Boxes and Trays
Stock and Custom Caps and Closures Aerosol Safety Caps
Dusting Powder Boxes and Compacts Hermetically Sealed Containers

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